iwlwifi for 7260 card: DMA memory allocation fails

Josef Söntgen josef.soentgen at ...1...
Thu Dec 4 16:07:12 CET 2014

Hello Christian,

On 12/04/14 14:58, Christian Menard wrote:
> I got the driver running! Thanks for the help. The problem turned out to be a-
> page fault due to nullpointer access, witch I did not see as I was only-
> focused on the wifi_drv log... Furthermore I had to fix more DMA memory-
> allocations and another page fault. However, now it's working fine and netperf-
> shows very reasonable performance :)

congratulation, that is great indeed! May I ask what “very reasonable
performance” means? We are currently experiencing some performance
issues when transmitting frames on 6300 cards while receiving frames
is okayish.

> I will clean up my patches and create a pull request on github, so you can-
> have a look at my changes and decide if you want to merge them in. 

I am looking forward to the pull request :-) 


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