how to install Genode on PC machine

Jian Liu ljian236 at ...9...
Tue Mar 26 15:05:55 CET 2013

Hi Norman,

   With your help, I have now some experiences on Genode, such as
building and demo it in Qemu. I have also learned about the whole
structure of source code and some calling relastionship in the system.
Now I try to install Genode in my PC (the physical machine) and boot
it from hard drivers. So I can see avaliablity and response time from
applications such as Arora, which is really some slow in Qemu. But I
don't know to do it. Could you give me some directions? Thanks.

   I have found some guy sent similar question in the mail list last year as,

   But there is no detail explainations and steps how to do it. I
wonder if there is any document on how to install Genode in a PC.
Which hardwares does it support now? and how to config drivers code
for network card, usb etc?



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