how to install Genode on PC machine

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Wed Mar 27 09:18:35 CET 2013

Hi Jian,

I recommend you to make bootable USB flash or setup network boot.
For booting you can use Grub or Grub2, but genode's vesa driver can't use
some modern video adapters, and it can be solved with using patched version
of Grub from Adam Lackorzynski
Step-by-step guide with grub 1.xx bootloader:
1. Create bootable USB-flash with grub 1.xx
2. Copy directories fiasco and genode from your
BUILD_DIR/var/run/BUILD_NAME to usb disk, example for demo run script :
cd BUILD_DIR; cp -R var/run/demo/fiasco /mnt/usb; cp -R var/run/demo/genode
3. Copy grub config from BUILD_DIR/var/run/BUILD_NAME/boot/grub/menu.lst to
usb disk, example: cp var/run/demo/boot/grub/menu.lst
4. Boot from usb flash on PC

If you would like to use Grub2 you need rewrite Grub menu.lst in Grub2

Genode supports most of modern hardware, and you don't need usually to
special config for drivers.

Ivan Loskutov

2013/3/26 Jian Liu <ljian236 at ...9...>

> Hi Norman,
>    With your help, I have now some experiences on Genode, such as
> building and demo it in Qemu. I have also learned about the whole
> structure of source code and some calling relastionship in the system.
> Now I try to install Genode in my PC (the physical machine) and boot
> it from hard drivers. So I can see avaliablity and response time from
> applications such as Arora, which is really some slow in Qemu. But I
> don't know to do it. Could you give me some directions? Thanks.
>    I have found some guy sent similar question in the mail list last year
> as,
>    But there is no detail explainations and steps how to do it. I
> wonder if there is any document on how to install Genode in a PC.
> Which hardwares does it support now? and how to config drivers code
> for network card, usb etc?
>      Best,
>      Jian
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