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I must admit that I was struggling whether to answer your post or not.
It comes with a sense of entitlement that makes me uneasy. Also, I
cannot grasp the incentive of spreading FUD about a project and the
associated company out of the blue. So it is tempting to dismiss your
posting as an attempt to troll.

However, behind the insulting surface, you expressed a valid concern.
Namely that Genode Labs may just pay lip service to Open Source and Free
Software while patenting the technology behind the back of the
community. So I feel that keeping your posting dangling without any
response might be a mistake.

Hereby, I want to set the record straight: Genode Labs has not filed a
single patent. To the best of my knowledge, Genode OS technology is not
encumbered by any patents. But who knows that for sure, given the
thousands of patents filed each year, many of them covering trivial and
mundane things? I expressed my stance on the subject before. Allow me to
quote myself (feels a bit silly, but anyway):

  "... there are things that are concerning or even frightening us.
   I'm speaking of software patents. Being an Open-Source project
   developing a new technology, we are aware that someone or some
   company may patent our ideas and there is not much we can do against
   this. I fear software patents as a cancerous threat to projects
   such as ours."

I think that this statement leaves not much room for interpretation.

Regarding discussions about Open-Source licensing or the way the project
is organized: Cheap talk and spreading FUD is easy. Chit chatting about
these matters by people who have no stake in the project is usually
cheap talk. Even if such people show no sign of activity whatsoever,
they somehow feel entitled to be experts and vocally express their
opinion. Please don't bother the list with cheap talk and spare us
spreading FUD. For honest inquiries about licensing, please contact
licensing at ...1...


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