copyrights, patents, IP and integrity.

Steve Paesani stevepaesani at ...164...
Tue Jan 22 19:47:31 CET 2013

I see a lot of the Genode work stems from and continues at various 
Asides from the GPL, BSD, and original MIT (I think) licensing there is 
little mention of patent applications and holders.

I believe that honesty is paramount in any endeavor, business or 
community. Otherwise it could hardly be called "community" to begin with 
and though the term business may be skewed in many people's minds I for 
one uphold it as endeavors with integrity that are socially responsible.

Reciprocity goes well beyond open source code. Respect for other's work 
and, especially, valuation of others' time is the true measure of 

Genode seems ok on the surface but untill it demonstrates clearly what 
it has in mind for the quality of life, for the valuation of others' 
time, and how it intends to contribute back in terms of work to the 
people that supported the entire university system to begin with it is 
nothing more than another deceptive attempt to profit from free 
contributions while not only getting paid yet applying for patents 
directly or indirectly through it's funders.

As Genode-labs are the ones soliciting contributions the hiatus rests on 
them and no one else to prove their own integrity first.

An integrity that can only be made known by Genode-labs own efforts to 
assure the QoL of ALL contributors and not just those of an inner 
university circle that has benefited from the work of countless people.

It doesn't take much to implement a digital punch clock and use a 
distributed cost license.

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