A GUI for Genode

Paul Dufresne dufresnep at ...9...
Thu Jan 24 12:49:14 CET 2013

Well, about the GUI, once again.
I had: +:New -:Delete Up:Next Down:Previous.
I should add a toggle button: 1/List: toggle the 'application' area
between the selected one, and the list of things.

Now, especially for programs, the list of things is not clear because
there is in fact two lists:

1) The list of available programs:
In which, +:Add a program to the list of new programs, probably by
giving the path to it, and maybe selecting an icon.
In which, -:Remove the program from the list of 'available/favorites' programs
Up/Down: change between available programs
[Hum, one could argue that +:Add a new package to the system  -:Remove
the package providing the program, which I may well agree.]

2) The list of active(open) programs:
In which, +: Open a new instance of this program
In which, -: Close this instance of the program
Up/Down: change between open programs

So the left band should have two pairs of +,-,1/List,Up,Down icons,
only one active at a time.
Probably only the active pair should be shown in the band, and to the
left of it, a toggle button to select which pair is active.

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