A GUI for Genode

Paul Dufresne dufresnep at ...9...
Thu Jan 24 04:22:29 CET 2013

Now, I was beginning to think of a general form application.
Many application need forms to be filled, and a general application
for that seems to make sense.
When a button is click, or a text area is changed, the general
application could signal it to the application 'model'.

Anyway, that is not what this message is really about.
About the GUI, I now realize that what is good for database needs
might be good for the GUI.

I did suggest a Up,Down, and Launcher.
In database we have the Up,Down,New,Delete.
Launcher is New.
Delete was missing.

Often, Delete is restricted. New could be.

What's good about the Up,Down,New,Delete, is that it is hierarchical,
like the internal structure of Genode.

Highest level is the task: Play, Work, Communicate, Administrate

Second level is the applications category (or application if there is
just one) relative to a task:
-Play: Strategy Games, Card Games, Arcade games
-Work: Office apps
-Communicate: Email, InsantMessenger, Web Navigators
-Administrate: Desktop, Updates, Backup, etc.

Lower levels:
gedit (Up: next document,  Down: previous document, New: Open or New?,
Delete: current document).

So all that to say that the applications could and probably should use
a left band too with up, down, new and delete buttons.
And the application area of an application, could very well be an
application too.

Should an application area contains it's own notification area for
it's chils only? It make some sense.

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