A GUI for Genode

Paul Dufresne dufresnep at ...9...
Thu Jan 24 14:11:21 CET 2013

Scrap almost all.

Let's have 4 levels:
Tasks -> Categories of applications -> Applications -> Instances of an

There is always just one band shown on the left, showing these buttons:
Esc) Go to the higher level
Up/Down) Navigate between items
+/-) Level dependant meaning
Ok) Level dependant meaning

Instance of an applicaton
Esc) Go to the Application level
+) Open a new instance
-) Close this instance
Ok) Not available
Main area is managed by this instance of the application.

Application level
Esc) Go to the Categorie level
Ok) Go to Instance level of the selected application
+) Add an application to the list of this categorie (from?)
-) Delete this application from this categorie
Main area give the name+description of this application

Categorie level
Esc) Go to the Task level
Ok) Go to Application level of the selected categorie
+) Create a new categorie for this task
-) Delete this categorie from this tak
Main area give the name+description of this categorie

Task level
Esc) Not available
Ok) Go to Category level of the selected task
+) Create a new category
-) Delete current category
Main area give the name+description of this task.

Each left band level should have a different color.

I now believe that there should be just one notification area, to the
bottom of the screen.

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