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Fri Jan 11 20:07:48 CET 2013

I just want to acknowledge receiving your feedback, and mention how good it
feels to hear someone else say "datacentric."  I will take some time to
comprehend your email.

Thanks again, John

On Thu, Jan 10, 2013 at 3:17 PM, Norman Feske
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> Hello John,
> thank you for posting your ideas.
> >From what I understand, you would like to use a data-centric user
> interface instead of the application-centric model, which is omnipresent
> today. I can only agree with that. Instead of big applications that
> import and export data, it would be much nicer to have data objects as
> first-level citizens of the OS. Small and independent programs could
> then manipulate, display, and transform those data objects. The power of
> the system comes with infinite ways of how those components can be
> combined.
> Actually, this is almost what the Unix command-line interface is all
> about, and possibly the reason of why I am so much in love with it. Data
> (in the form of files) comes first and the many little Unix tools can be
> combined to manipulate it. The great thing about Unix is that it
> provides a useful user interface (the shell, pipes, scripts) that brings
> this idea to life.
> Now, what you seem to suggest is to take the data-centric approach to
> the domain of interactive graphical applications. I think that Genode
> would provide a good playground for developing these kind of concepts
> because it already solves the problem of how multiple components can
> interact with each other in a useful and secure way. However, in my
> opinion, it does not solve the biggest challenge, which is the model of
> user interaction with such a system. How does a "desktop" of such a
> system look like, how does the user interact with the components, how to
> chain components, how to make data persistent, how to find data? If you
> have ideas about how to approach those questions, I would like to
> encourage you to substantiate your ideas using Genode as a tool. If I
> can assist you with matching your ideas with Genode's concepts, I'd be
> happy to help.
> When it comes to Genode's road map for this year, I would like to keep
> the project focused on down-to-earth goals that are reachable in this
> time frame. Do you see technical steps that would help you to pursue
> your vision and that you would like to see as part of the road map?
> Cheers
> Norman
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