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Thu Jan 10 20:17:40 CET 2013

Hello John,

thank you for posting your ideas.

>From what I understand, you would like to use a data-centric user
interface instead of the application-centric model, which is omnipresent
today. I can only agree with that. Instead of big applications that
import and export data, it would be much nicer to have data objects as
first-level citizens of the OS. Small and independent programs could
then manipulate, display, and transform those data objects. The power of
the system comes with infinite ways of how those components can be combined.

Actually, this is almost what the Unix command-line interface is all
about, and possibly the reason of why I am so much in love with it. Data
(in the form of files) comes first and the many little Unix tools can be
combined to manipulate it. The great thing about Unix is that it
provides a useful user interface (the shell, pipes, scripts) that brings
this idea to life.

Now, what you seem to suggest is to take the data-centric approach to
the domain of interactive graphical applications. I think that Genode
would provide a good playground for developing these kind of concepts
because it already solves the problem of how multiple components can
interact with each other in a useful and secure way. However, in my
opinion, it does not solve the biggest challenge, which is the model of
user interaction with such a system. How does a "desktop" of such a
system look like, how does the user interact with the components, how to
chain components, how to make data persistent, how to find data? If you
have ideas about how to approach those questions, I would like to
encourage you to substantiate your ideas using Genode as a tool. If I
can assist you with matching your ideas with Genode's concepts, I'd be
happy to help.

When it comes to Genode's road map for this year, I would like to keep
the project focused on down-to-earth goals that are reachable in this
time frame. Do you see technical steps that would help you to pursue
your vision and that you would like to see as part of the road map?


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