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Sat Jan 5 19:23:06 CET 2013

Hi Daniel,

> On the theme of debunking the low-performance myth, I personally would
> like to see better SMP support.  Ideally I would like to see Genod's
> 'core' process become multi-threaded (with service threads on each core)
> so that we can minimize cross-core IPC and cross-application
> interference.  This would allow more localized thread/memory management
> etc. as well as IRQ handling.  Doing a better job of resource management
> and QoS partitioning is a potential strength over monolithic kernels
> that we should (as a community) be striving for.

I wholeheartedly agree and would welcome any input from your side
helping us to get there.

> I also agree that a shift towards more "native" drivers and filesystems
> would be good.  Although using wrappers such as the various DDE
> frameworks helps to get off the ground fast, it comes at a cost of
> performance and reduces the ability to manage resources in the Genode way.
> Ourselves, we plan to look at a native implementation of a 10G driver
> (probably Myricom but yet TBD).  We are also interested in a more
> scalable and better performing TCP stack.

Maybe there is the chance to somehow team up with Julian (blitz at
GitHub) on this topic? As far as I know, he is genuinely interested in
high-performance networking and has profound experience in the domain.

> Finally I would second your opinion about debugging tools being very
> important to the broader adoption of Genode.

If you have ideas or visions of how a specific tool of your liking would
look like, please do not hesitate to share them on the mailing list.
Concrete requirements would certainly help us to design solutions that
are actually useful.

Thanks for commenting on our road map. It seems that your interests are
pretty much aligned with my planning.


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