Latest Attempt at GENODE on NOVA

Alexander Boettcher alexander.boettcher at ...1...
Sun Dec 29 08:48:32 CET 2013

Hi Lonnie,

On 28.12.2013 19:28, Norman Feske wrote:
> Hi Lonnie,
> your Qemu output looks quite fine - similar to the output of my
> (successful) test. Both USB mouse and keyboard are detected by the USB
> driver. I have to click into the Qemu window to move Genode's mouse
> cursor though.
> Just as a guess regarding your test machine, maybe the failure is caused
> by the use of the IOMMU, which is enabled for NOVA by default? To rule
> out this possible problem, could you please try to remove the "iommu"
> argument from the NOVA hypervisor by editing the line 76 of
> base-nova/run/env as follows:
>      puts $fh " module /hypervisor iommu serial"
>  ->  puts $fh " module /hypervisor serial"
> As another test, you could restrict the USB driver to not touch USB 3.0
> by removing the 'xhci="yes"' configuration at ports/run/ line 251:
>      <config uhci="yes" ehci="yes" xhci="yes">
>  ->  <config uhci="yes" ehci="yes">

just as a hint: put your mouse and keyboard not on a usb 3.0 port when
using the Genode usb driver with "bios usb legacy" support off - since
usb 3.0 is not tested nor working for Genode/x86.



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