Latest Attempt at GENODE on NOVA

Alexander Boettcher alexander.boettcher at ...1...
Sun Dec 29 08:15:36 CET 2013


On 28.12.2013 23:35, Lonnie Cumberland wrote:
>  LABEL nova1
>  MENU LABEL NOVA Userland Demo (VESA)

> Needs VT-x/VT-d for full functionality.
>  LABEL nova3
>  MENU LABEL NOVA Userland Demo (VESA, broken keyboard)
>  KERNEL mboot.c32
>  APPEND /tools/unzip ---         /tools/bender.gz ---        

> Use this if your BIOS has weird USB legacy support.

You can try to look for some "USB legacy input" support in the Bios of
your Testbox and disable it. The legacy support isn't required when you
use the usb driver with Genode/Nova - which you now do.

> --------------------------------------
> From Nova1 (the one that does not boot) has:
> /nul/sigma0_nul.gz S0_DEFAULT hostvga:0x40000,0x40000 hostkeyb:0,0x60,1,12
> and from Nova3 (which does boot on my physical machine) has:
>  /nul/sigma0_nul.gz S0_DEFAULT hostvga:0x40000,0x40000
> hostkeyb:0,0x60,1,12,1,1
> --------------------------------------------
> This may not be of any help, but it is the only configuration of Nova
> and/or Genode that I know which actually boots and allows me to have
> keyboard functionality. I cannot test the mouse as there are no
> applications, or VM's running which will take advantage of the mouse.

The last two parameters ",1,1" of "Nova3" say that the "scancode 1"
should be used and the last one is to enable verbose output.

There exists a simpler usb input ( test you may try from
dde_linux. The script starts just the usb input driver and when you move
your mouse or press keys of the keyboard you should see output on the
vga text console and/or serial device. (As Norman suggested use Intel
AMT if your machine has no physical serial connector anymore.)

Unfortunately Genode/Nova does not have vga text console support, so for
the usb_hid test you could switch temporarily to Genode/FOC for example.
When you see once that the usb_hid test prints mouse movements or keys
you pressed on Genode/FOC it is likely also then working on Genode/Nova.

Hope it helps,

Alexander Boettcher.

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