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On Wed, Dec 18, 2013 at 6:24 PM, Udo Steinberg <udo at ...121...> wrote:

> On Wed, 18 Dec 2013 16:13:13 +0100 Norman Feske (NF) wrote:
> NF> The lack of performance and scalability is possibly the most
> unfortunate
> NF> stigmata attached to microkernel technology. However, there exists a
> NF> series of evidence (in particular coming from the L4 research
> community)
> NF> that repeatedly debunked this universal truth. A few references:
> NF>
> NF> [...]
> NF>
> NF> The NOVA microhypervisor [2] shows how a microkernel-based hypervisor
> NF> actually outperforms virtualization solutions based on monolithic
> NF> architectures.
> Moreover, a recently completed diploma thesis by Markus Partheym├╝ller shows
> that Linux in a VM on top of NOVA scales just as good as on bare hardware.

That is absolutely wonderful to hear as I really like NOVA and Genode a lot
as I learn more and more about them.

Will you be posting an ISO of the project?

I have tried the past livecd of NOVA 0.3 that is using Tiny Core Linux in a
small VM, but what I would like to get worked out is NOVA with one VM
running a much larger Linux LiveCD (perhaps Debian or Ubuntu, etc..),
another VM possibly running ReactOS (just for testing of the VM) and a
third VM possibly with Genode as in their dated demo.

I am still figuring out NRE (which I have been able to compile) and have
been looking at NUL to try and see what it might take to develop a VM that
could run a "semi-windows" environment like ReactOS initially as the goal
would be to possibly run some version of Windows in a VM instead of ReactOS
which is really not useful at this stage. Is these (NOVA with Genode,
Debian/Ubuntu Linux, and Windows (ie. ReactOS perhaps for testing.) is
possible then I can start to see how to modify and develop the VM's that I
need for my distributed VM cluster although there is still much to learn
about NOVA and Genode during this learning curve.

> The thesis is available from as well, which is the place
> where I intend to keep all NOVA-related documentation in a single location.
I am grabbing the thesis documents now so that I can get a better feel for
NOVA and will be doing the same for Genode.

Great job and I am looking forward to seeing these project progress.


> - Udo
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