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Thu Dec 19 00:24:01 CET 2013

On Wed, 18 Dec 2013 16:13:13 +0100 Norman Feske (NF) wrote:

NF> The lack of performance and scalability is possibly the most unfortunate
NF> stigmata attached to microkernel technology. However, there exists a
NF> series of evidence (in particular coming from the L4 research community)
NF> that repeatedly debunked this universal truth. A few references:
NF> [...]
NF> The NOVA microhypervisor [2] shows how a microkernel-based hypervisor
NF> actually outperforms virtualization solutions based on monolithic
NF> architectures.

Moreover, a recently completed diploma thesis by Markus Partheym├╝ller shows
that Linux in a VM on top of NOVA scales just as good as on bare hardware.

The thesis is available from as well, which is the place
where I intend to keep all NOVA-related documentation in a single location.

- Udo
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