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Subject: Talk proposal: The agony of choice
Date: Tue, 17 Jan 2012 15:33:42 +0100
From: Stefan Kalkowski <stefan.kalkowski at ...1...>
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Hi folks,

I know I definitely missed the deadline, but I've heard you're still
looking for another talk for the next-to-last slot? I would like to
propose a 30-45min talk about the following topic:

The agony of choice - the diversity of microkernels in Genode

Stefan Kalkowski

One shiny aspect of the Genode OS framework is its diversity with
respect to microkernels and hardware platforms it's running on top of.
Although primarily of interest to clients and users, this property
provides some hidden benefits to the system-developer itself.
This talk is basically an experience report. It will give you an insight
into the benefits and troubles of developing on a diverse biotope, the
strength and weaknesses of the available platforms, how Genode gets
ported to a kernel, and what is basically necessary from the kernel's
perspective to drive Genode. The last point will be illustrated by
introducing recent developments of a hybrid kernel/user API in Genode.

[short bio]
Stefan Kalkowski has been working with the Genode OS framework since
it's first beginnings. His diploma thesis is based on the first version
of it (at that time it was labeled 'Bastei'). Since then, he became a
Genode-enthusiast. Before joining Genode Labs as an employee about two
and a half years ago, he was working for two years at the Operating
Systems Group of TU Dresden as a PhD student.

  http://genode.org           (project website)
  http://www.genode-labs.com  (company website)

  -> see attachment

[git repo]


Stefan Kalkowski
Genode Labs

http://www.genode-labs.com/ · http://genode.org/

Genode Labs GmbH · Amtsgericht Dresden · HRB 28424 · Sitz Dresden
Geschäftsführer: Dr.-Ing. Norman Feske, Christian Helmuth

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