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Tue Jan 17 17:45:21 CET 2012


to address the questions that are repeatedly popping up about the use
Git for Genode's development, I have reworked the guide of how
contribution to the project is supposed to work:

The document is meant to provide all the points that are important for
the development process. Currently, it contains notes about the common
coding style, the use of the issue tracker, and the known best practice
of writing commit messages. If you have further things to add, please
let me know.

The very last paragraph may be the most important one.

Please note that the website content of does now correspond
one-to-one to the textual content stored in the genode repository. For
example, the "source code" of the contributions document is located at
'doc/contributions.txt'. This will make it straight-forward to
contribute not only to the code base but also to the documentation.
Because this new way of documentation management completely alleviates
the need for a Wiki, the old Wiki is no more. Its content has been
incorporated into the various documentation categories.

The platform-specific documentation (in the repository located at the
respective 'base-<platform>/doc' directories) can be found at the new
"Base platforms" section:

The challenges page ('doc/challenges.txt') has become part of the
"About" section because it is closely related to the road map:


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