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Fri Aug 17 17:26:56 CEST 2012

Hi Robert,

> I'm interested in the first and last points. Will you be working on a new
> window manager that is specific to genode or will you be using an existing
> window manager?

the picture I have in mind facilitates the use of Genode's unique
concepts rather than inheriting an existing solution. It is not actually
a single window manager with a specific feature set but rather a set of
small components that can be combined and reconfigured at runtime.
Genode's dynamic configuration concept will be a key piece of the puzzle.

Generally speaking, I think that there no single best way to approach
window management. Different users have different needs. It would be
great if the tool box would be powerful enough to "emulate" a wide range
of usage paradigms. My personal needs are rather spartan. On Linux, I am
using only a small feature set of Notion (a fork of Ion3), which is a
static tiled window manager. So this will be the base line for me

I have pretty clear ideas about some of the involved components. But
since not all pieces of the design have fallen into place yet, I have
not started to manifest the ideas in the form of code.

That said, even though I have specific ideas and opinions on this topic,
I don't want to discourage anyone from pursing different ideas. For
example, on our challenges page, we have listed the topic of porting
Wayland over to Genode. Maybe you have different ideas? It is surely
worth trying out multiple approaches. This would be just great as long
as those strings of developments agree to support the same basic Genode
interfaces such as Framebuffer::Session, Input::Session, and

What are your specific goals and preferences with regard to window


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