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Daniel Waddington d.waddington at ...60...
Wed Jul 20 00:44:30 CEST 2011

Hi Norman,
Do you mean that I can't "detach" a virtual mapping from a dataspace?

If so, this could in fact be a problem for us since we need to be able 
to perform re-mapping.
If it does not mean this, then how do I detach? ;-)


On 07/18/2011 03:10 AM, Norman Feske wrote:
> Hi Daniel,
> the support for managed dataspaces on Fiasco.OC has now become available
> with SVN revision 161. As reference of how this feature can be used, you
> can find a ready-to-use run script at 'base/run/'. To
> execute the test case, just issue 'make run/rm_fault' from your build
> directory.
> We have also used a slightly improved version of your test case for
> validating the page-fault handling code. The first improvement is the
> initialization order of the '_size' and '_rm' members of
> 'Physical_backing_store'. In the original version, an undefined value
> was passed as argument to the '_rm' constructor. The second improvement
> is the format string used to read values from the managed dataspace.
> Because the fresh allocated backing-store dataspace is initialized with
> zeros, %c won't show anything meaningful. Hence, the format string was
> changed to print integer values instead. Please find the new version
> (including a run script) attached.
> One known limitation with managed dataspaces on Fiasco.OC is worth
> mentioning: Detaching a managed dataspace won't flush the corresponding
> region of the virtual address space of the client. This is a known (but
> small) issue resulting in the message "unmapping of managed dataspaces
> not yet supported" when the test case exits. Please give us a hint when
> this limitation becomes a problem for you.
> Cheers
> Norman
> On 07/16/2011 11:03 AM, Norman Feske wrote:
>> Hi Daniel,
>> I just want to let you know that we identified the problem yesterday.
>> Please expect the fix to be available at our SVN as of mid next week.
>> Best regards
>> Norman
>> On 07/14/2011 06:31 PM, Daniel Waddington wrote:
>>> Hi Stefan,
>>> Not to rush you, but any idea how long a fix will be?  (Just so I can
>>> re-prioritize if need be)
>>> Thanks,
>>> Daniel
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