Further questions

Norman Feske norman.feske at ...1...
Wed Jan 6 20:28:53 CET 2010

Hi Peter,

> I have another question about Genode. More specifically, I was wondering whether
> any of the Iguana services at all. I ask this given that the weaver.xml file
> refers to memsections and pds (i'm assuming that means protection domains).

Genode is not compatible to Iguana. However, porting software from
Iguana seems to be reasonable. We did this for the port of OKLinux to
Genode. With the port, we followed the approach to implement a library
that emulates the parts of the Iguana API that are relevant for OKLinux.
You can find this emulation code at 'oklinux/src/oklinux_support'.

Regarding the use of memsections in the 'weaver.xml' file, this is
simply the only way to include plain binary data into the boot image.
So we "misuse" elfweaver's memsection mechanism to supply modules to
core's ROM service. The PD "modules" is actually not a protection domain
but only used as a container for holding memsections with predefined
content. For the full story, you might read up my article about porting
Genode to OKL4:


BTW, do you have Iguana servers in mind that might be useful to run
on Genode?


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