Announcement: Genode OS Framework version 23.05 released

Christian Helmuth christian.helmuth at
Wed May 31 13:39:07 CEST 2023

Today we released Genode 23.05 as a colorful bouquet of new features,
improvements, and fixes.

The most prominent change for developers is the update of our tool
chain to GCC 12, binutils 2.40, and GDB 13.1. The new GCC version gave
us the opportunity to switch from C++17 to C++20 as default setting
and benefit from modern C++ language features. Another noteworthy
addition falling into the same category is the release of the evolving
Goa tool for Sculpt 23.04, which now enables the use of existing SDKs
like Lomiri or Rust's cargo for Genode.

Our Linux device-driver environment (DDE), which enables the use of
Linux drivers as Genode components was upgraded to Linux 6.1.20. For
example, the DDE now powers our cross-platform Wifi stack that works
for the PC and ARM platforms as the PinePhone alike. Further, we
integrated the initial use of our custom base-hw microkernel as x86
hypervisor, a profoundly reworked block-encryption stack, and updates
of supported third-party software like the seL4 kernel and VirtualBox.

Last but not least, we published our annual documentation update in
form of "Genode Foundations" and "Genode Platforms" books.

The current release contains the following changes and new features:

- Goa tool updated to Sculpt OS 23.04
   - Ubuntu-Touch-UI toolkit
   - Initial support for Rust cargo
- New tool chain based on GCC 12.3
- C++20 enabled by default
- Annual documentation update
- Uniform Wifi stack across PC and ARM platforms
- Revision of Genode's custom block-encryption infrastructure
- Linux device-driver environment updated to Linux 6.1.20
- Improved USB, Intel display, and NVMe drivers
- VirtualBox 6.1.44
- Initial x86 virtualization via the base-hw microkernel
- Updated seL4 microkernel to version 12.1
- NetBSD rump kernel on RISC-V

Read the complete release documentation for the version 23.05 here

Best regards
Christian Helmuth
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