ath9k usb Wi-Fi driver

Colin Parker cvparker at
Tue May 23 14:49:20 CEST 2023

Hi Stefan,

it looks like you nailed it. In the current setup, I would change an
> USB client to close the USB session, and later re-open it again if
> rfkill is triggered.

This is a change that has some potential challenges. If the driver simply
disconnects the USB when the rfkill occurs, then the Linux driver cannot
perform any shut-down or clean-up operations on the device side, leaving
the device state corrupted. Even under Linux, "disconnecting" USB devices
without clean-up via an emulation layer and attempting to reconnect doesn't
always work because the driver assumes a device starts from a known good
power-on state, and unfortunately USB doesn't offer any generic way I have
seen to force reset on a device. So I think your suggestion would require a
manual plug cycle to fix, defeating any advantage.

However, if it is not a pressing problem for you, I would postpone
> such a change a bit,

Yes, definitely.

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