Help with usb_report_filter

Colin Parker cvparker at
Thu May 11 05:22:02 CEST 2023

    I'm trying to configure my usb driver to accept multiple possible
vendor/product combinations. I found the component usb_report_filter, which
as I understand consumes a usb devices report, and produces a usb
configuration file with a matching policy and a report that my component
can use to request the device. The report to my driver looks like this:

    <device label="usb-1-2" vendor_id="0xcf3" product_id="0x9271" bus="0x1"

and it makes sense so my driver requests a device called "usb-1-2". The
corresponding usb configuration is:

<config bios_handoff="true"><report devices="yes" config="yes"/>
        <report devices="yes"/>
        <policy label="wifi_drv -> usb-1-2" vendor_id="0xcf3"
product_id="0x9271" bus="0x1" dev="0x2"/>

This seems like almost what I want, but somehow the <policy> node within
the <raw> node seems to stop the driver from accepting this connection - I
get a warning saying:

[init -> usb_host_drv -> usb_drv] Warning: no policy defined for label
'wifi_drv -> usb-1-2'

Am I using the component right? Is there a better way to do this? I
followed the example in repos/ports/run/

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