Regarding ARM on Genode virt_qemu_arm_v8a

Colin Parker cvparker at
Tue Feb 14 14:08:11 CET 2023


some reason. I assume that an image file with this name is not present,
> but without further information about your sculpt setup (package list,
> sculpt config, etc.), I cannot say for sure.
> I just noticed, that the virt qemu NIC driver binary is not named
> nic_drv but virtio_mmio_nic. Maybe this is it!? Are you using this [1]
> archive?

>From the log:

ROM: [000000004092e000,0000000040987030) mke2fs
ROM: [00000000411cd000,0000000041213918)
ROM: [000000004059d000,00000000405fdce8) nic_router             <-- no
"nic_drv" above
ROM: [0000000040e63000,0000000040e64e12) nic_router.xsd
ROM: [0000000040cfc000,0000000040d4a428) nitpicker
ROM: [0000000040119000,00000000401312d0) virtio_mmio_fb_drv
ROM: [000000004184d000,0000000041863f70) virtio_mmio_input_drv
ROM: [0000000040d4b000,0000000040d68eb0) virtio_mmio_nic        <----
ROM: [000000004058a000,000000004058a3fb) virtio_mmio_nic.xsd
ROM: [000000004030e000,00000000403460c0) wm

Based on the above snippet I think what Martin says must be the case.
When I have wanted to change the drivers in sculpt, I had to edit the
sculpt_manager component to launch the component I wanted, using the
"binary=" attribute. The Genode team may know a better way though. You may
also need to change default routes to services, which you can obtain from a
run script that uses virtio_mmio_nic.

Hope it helps!

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