Regarding ARM on Genode virt_qemu_arm_v8a

Martin Stein martin.stein at
Tue Feb 14 12:48:58 CET 2023

Hi Divya,

AFAIK, only NIC and input are supported currently on virt_qemu in
general, but I'm not too much into that topic.

The error you posted is simply saying that the program that prints it
(see the label prefix in the log) tries to open an image file named
"nic_drv" and that the request was denied by the surrounding system for
some reason. I assume that an image file with this name is not present,
but without further information about your sculpt setup (package list,
sculpt config, etc.), I cannot say for sure.

I just noticed, that the virt qemu NIC driver binary is not named
nic_drv but virtio_mmio_nic. Maybe this is it!? Are you using this [1]

If you want to get a better picture of virt_qemu hardware support, I'd
suggest you use these commands:

find repos/ -type d -wholename *virtio*
grep -r "src/virtio" repos/

I hope that helped?


[1] repos/os/recipes/pkg/drivers_nic-virt_qemu_arm_v8a

On 14.02.23 09:15, Divya Sharma wrote:
> hello guys,
> After many efforts and with your generous help I'm able to build and run
> sculpt an image for "virt_qemu_arm_v8a".
> But now I want to enable some driver support in OS like USB,Wifi and
> Lan-Ethernet.
> while trying to configure Lan got this error.
> " Error: nic_drv: environment ROM session denied (label="nic_drv",
> ram_quota=6144, cap_quota=3, diag=0) "
> can you suggest a way to enable mentioned driver support?

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