Sculpt: use second SSD for a VM

Josef Söntgen josef.soentgen at
Mon Feb 13 17:46:57 CET 2023

Hello Pirmin,

> I have a notebook with two SSDs, On which I have installed Sculpt.
> I want to use the whole second disk for one VM.
> VMs that use partitions from the first disk work well.
> In the launcher for the VM using the whole second Disk I configured block
> access as follows:
> <service name="Block" label="block0"> <parent label="ahci-2"/> </service>
> Where ahci-2 is the name of the second disk displayed in the Sculpt
> Leitzentrale.
> When I start this VM, it looks, as it would wait to get access to the Block
> session (only two lines of output are printed).
> Is this setup possible or do I need to change it in some way?

I would imagine that your setup should work. As a test you could deploy
the 'part_block' pkg and point that to your second SSD. If it is able to
parse the partition table that would suggest that something in your vbox
setup is missing.


Josef Söntgen
Genode Labs ·
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