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Sat Feb 11 18:19:37 CET 2023

February 11, 2023 at 4:46 AM, "Johnny Nunez" <johnny.nunez at> wrote:
> Hi Dogma
> C stands for clear, once you start dialing a number it appears, in case you mess up the number , you have a chance to clear and reinput your correct number. What is APN ? once you get phone modem working , network “stripe” can be selected and turn on , and in a few seconds get your local ip.

Oh, clear. Thanks. I hope '*' will be added for navigating phone systems.

I’d read once about pads sometimes having A,B,C,D (,_*,_A,_B,_C,_and_D ), so I thought it might have a deep telecom meaning.

APN is Access Point Name. There’s a certain number of them baked into the SIM card, but I need to specify a different one manually to use data with my MVNO. (Where "MVNO" is a provider that doesn’t own the network, which might be why they’re not on the SIM.)

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