First system image of Sculpt OS for the PinePhone

Pirmin Duss pirmin at
Fri Feb 10 18:44:34 CET 2023

Hello Genodians

My first tests of Sculpt OS on the PinePhone.

The startup time of the Operating system really impresses me. Not to 
wait for the phone for a minute or so after powering on is super cool.

The GUI is really functional and lets me change settings really quick. 
It may not be as pretty as the one in slowly booting operating systems, 
but navigating around is much more logical IMHO.

Unfortunately I wasn't able to do any calls. When I turned the power on 
for the Modem, some steps were counted up (four if I remember 
correctly), but after that a Message (unknown pin starte) was printed. 
for some time (maybe 15 Seconds). After that the dial-pad was displayed.

After entering a number and pressing "Initiate Call" the status "Dialing 
xxx xxx xx xx [cancel]" was displayed, but nothing happened.

I was able to cancel the call, but I wasn't able to torn off the modem 

I was able to download the morph browser preset, but did not do further 
testing yet.

One thing I noticed, when lowering the brightness to the lowest setting, 
the screen seems to turn completely off. I was still able to set the 
brightness back to a level where the screen is visible. So this is only 
a minor issue.

Am I right to assume, that keeping the settings persistent over reboots 
isn't yet implemented? As I prefer longevity above performance for my 
phone, I did set "economic" and a relatively low display brightness, but 
after each reboot they are back to the defaults.

I did set the first partition of mmcblk0 to default after expanding it. 
This worked as flawless as on the PC platform.


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