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Hello Michael,

On Tue, Oct 25, 2022 at 05:52:25PM +0200, Michael Grunditz wrote:
> Thanks for reading my confused emails.

you're welcome.

> The debug printouts is the last of many. I am doing something with throws
> now  as you suggest. And yes I am aware of that the translation tables
> needs to be correct.
> But none of this was problematic with a53. So something needs change for
> a76. Debugging translations will hopefully give some sort of answer.
> Register wise the cores should function the same. Ie both follow armv8
> standards.
> Correct me on this,but I can't find any register writing before el1 and mmu
> time.

I do not know in which mode your platform is started. From your
writings, I did assumed it starts in EL2. If I remember correctly,
apart from UART accesses, the first "register" access should be the
EL2 MMU setup right before the assembler snippet switches to EL1.

> I am also thinking of uboot.  I have no control over it as it is now. It
> promptly refuses uimages,  gives abort. I am loading binary to load/start
> address and start it with go.
> Bootm command does a bit more than just jumping to a address.
> I need to build uboot, but in order to boot from mmc I need to nuke boot
> sector on emmc.
> A good thing is that I have the TRM's now.

To me this seems to be the root cause for the symptoms you are
experiencing. When the image is somehow corrupted resp. not setup
completely (e.g. non-zeroed data segment parts), you'll get strange
results in the execution of the bootstrap code.
Therefore, it would be good to first target the issues that lead to
the uImage load failure. Normally, you do not necessarily need to
build u-boot on your own. Maybe you can investigate what holds u-boot
from loading your uImage successfully (trying different linking
address, different loadaddr for the uImage etc.).


> Michael
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