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Den tis 25 okt. 2022 17:21Stefan Kalkowski <stefan.kalkowski at>

> Hello Michael,
> On Tue, Oct 25, 2022 at 03:24:01PM +0200, Michael Grunditz wrote:
> > >> Indeed, it would be good to instrument all occurrences of `throw`
> > >> within the page-table implementation for ARMv8. It shares the
> > >> implementation with ARMv7 Large Physical Address Extension support
> > >> defined within the following header:
> > >>
> > >>
> > >>
> > >>
> > >> Regards
> > >> Stefan
> > >>
> > >> I also notice that alloc add
> > >
> > > allways allocs a bigger amount out ram than I have in my ram
> declariation.
> > > If I increse my size it adds more. Why? Does it add image size to ram
> size?
> > >
> >
> > Just an alignment problem ..  if I align my mem ,, it stays.
> > But it doesn't help for the insert of region for loading elf objects.
> >
> > And then the switch to el1.. still trying to find out the difference in
> cpu
> > core that maskes that to fail, if it isn't ram related.
> Did you instrumented all occurrences of `throw` inside the page-table
> header, like I've suggested? Exception handling does not function at
> this very early time. At this early stage usage of the page-table API
> always needs to be cooperativly in the sense that you're not allowed
> to double-insert, insert mis-aligned mappings, nor exceed the
> page-table memory. I expect that a C++ exception is the reason for
> your stall here. To find out what is going on, you should instrument
> that first.
> It doesn't make sense to try to step further, when the page-table
> isn't set up appropriatedly. A switch to another exception level is not
> constructive without a useful MMU setup. Before switching from EL2 to
> EL1, the MMU for EL2 gets enabled using the page-table that got set up
> formerly.
> When looking at your insert_translation trace, I expect it contains
> all calls of insert_translation?! I recognized that there has no 1:1
> mapping occurred, which is normaly the case before the core/kernel ELF
> is loaded. Without the 1:1 mapping it is clear that enabling the MMU
> will lead to a fault resp. stall of the machine.
> Regards
> Stefan
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Thanks for reading my confused emails.
The debug printouts is the last of many. I am doing something with throws
now  as you suggest. And yes I am aware of that the translation tables
needs to be correct.

But none of this was problematic with a53. So something needs change for
a76. Debugging translations will hopefully give some sort of answer.
Register wise the cores should function the same. Ie both follow armv8

Correct me on this,but I can't find any register writing before el1 and mmu

I am also thinking of uboot.  I have no control over it as it is now. It
promptly refuses uimages,  gives abort. I am loading binary to load/start
address and start it with go.

Bootm command does a bit more than just jumping to a address.

I need to build uboot, but in order to boot from mmc I need to nuke boot
sector on emmc.

A good thing is that I have the TRM's now.


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