Genode on RK3588 and Emulation

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Sat Oct 22 14:57:12 CEST 2022

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> Hi,

> I am planning to start porting Genode to RK3588 Soc any day now.
> On top of that a cpu emulator for running 32bit code. The little cpu in
> the soc supports 32bit , but the big doesn't in a decent way.

> I think the basic bringup will be easy, but after that it becomes harder.
> I still haven't seen a manual for the soc. I have seen a dts in uboot and
> with a bit of luck it works similar to RK3399.

> For the emulation I use Unicorn emulation engine.  A stripped down qemu
> that only does cpu. I hope that porting that to Genode will be a easy
> project, it doesn't have much dependencies. I am currently hacking it  bit
> to fit my needs.

> I plan to expose hardware directly to emulator, probaly by memory pointers
> that Genode sets up. First step is the all important debug uart.

> As for Genode I think the soc would be a great platform for Sculpt.
> However I have no interest in Sculpt , so will not do that. But since I
> will do the basics I guess that someone can do Sculpt on top of that.

> Cheers!

As a follow up. Is there a way to use cmake in Genode sources? Like a 
crosscompile file.

Best regards,
Michael Grunditz

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