Reboot on ArmV8

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On 2022-06-28 16:04, Shashank Anand wrote:

> Hi Genodians,
> On x86, the acipica component enables shutdown and reboot of the 
> device. I was however unable to find any related component in the 
> genode repo for power management on ArmV8
> The PSCI functions are a convenient way for power management in ArmV8. 
> The base-hw kernel already provides a PSCI implementation of cpu_on and 
> cpu_off and it is trivial to implement the other PSCI functions as 
> well. I am particularly interested in system reset.
> I would like to perform a system reset from a user space component, 
> however PSCI requires kernel privileges. Would it be possible to expose 
> the PSCI system reset service to a specific component? How feasible is 
> this modification with respect to the structure of base-hw?
> Regards,
> Shashank
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Hi Genodians,

Regarding resetting the IMX8MM board, I have found a better solution 
that does not require kernel privilege. The board can be reset by 
clearing the WDA bit of the Watchdog Control Register (WDOG1_WCR). 
Clearing the WDA bit triggers the WDOG_B signal which performs a system 


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