lwext4_fs test fail on ftruncate()

Alexander Tormasov a.tormasov at innopolis.ru
Thu Jan 13 16:19:59 CET 2022

>> can this error could be ignored?
>> is lwext4 port somhow usable in general on 21.11? 
> Increasing a file via truncation is not supported by this version of
> the lwext4 library (I have not checked if this is addressed upstream by
> now). If your use-case depends on this feature, e.g. sparse files,
> 'lwext4_fs' cannot be used (also, 'cp(1)' from coreutils assumes it may
> use lseek/ftruncate to prevent unncessary I/O which will not work either).

not sure - I just consider it as a base for  compilation.
it includes a lot of different apps manipulating files (gcc/cc1/cpp/as/ls/objcopy/ar…)

> *Iff* you are fine with debugging problems that arise from using
> it I suggest you rather take a look at 'vfs/lwext4' [1] as starting point
> because most file-system servers besides the 'vfs' component are on their
> way out.
> [1] https://github.com/genodelabs/genode-world/issues/278

thanks! will try…


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