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Thu Jan 13 06:02:22 CET 2022

On 12/24/21 07:37, ttcoder at wrote:
> My thoughts in no particular order :
> After several  years, I still can't get over how modular Genode is and how take-no-prisoners no-compromise its policy is re. clean design and best practices.
> Seeing that kind of dedication keeps me motivated when I feel tired IRL.

I feel exactly the same way.

> If I get a chance before the end of 2022, I'll port (or help with porting) some packages, including easy ones like 1) fossil or 2) jam, but especially the fledgling-but-already-awesome 3) V-lang language. Could help with day to day developer life, who knows.
> As to my pet project, in the next couple weeks I'm about to wrap up the one-before-last 'ticket' that's a pre-requisite before my software runs on Genode, so it looks like 2022 (can't believe it's 2022 already... time flies) will be the year I can resume selling my software and can scale back the "odd jobs" (freelance website programming etc), which will be nice for sure.

That's very exciting news - please keep us informed!

> Not to mention, it'll open the perspective of an 'alternative' desktop for Genode -- though I dare not say I'll get to that before 2023, given my velocity history <g>.

This is very intriguing also.  If you need an experimental/alpha tester 
for this, you know who to ask.  :^)


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