Roadmap 2022

John J. Karcher devuser at
Thu Jan 13 05:18:43 CET 2022

On 12/23/21 13:05, Norman Feske wrote:
> Dear Genode community,
> it is the time of the year again to reflect and make plans for the
> foreseeable future. Hereby, I'd like to kick off our traditional
> brainstorming about Genode's road map for the year ahead of us.

Congratulations to the Genode team and community for another year of 
impressive (and sometimes surprising) progress on so many fronts at the 
same time!

This thread has also been fascinating and enlightening.  I don't have 
anything worthwhile to add to the Roadmap discussion, but I am very 
excited about the plans, especially related to the mobile UI.

My personal goals for the year are:

1. Get Sculpt running as a daily driver (preferably on Spunky ;^) ). 
The VBox 6 update should make this transition easier for me.  I will be 
asking for advice on this topic as I go along.

2. Play with the Sculpt mobile UI as it progresses.  On this topic, if 
there is any need for it, I will be happy to serve as an 
experimental/alpha tester for the mobile UI, first on the convertible 
laptop, and later I will probably get a PinePhone.

I also have some development and Genodians ideas, but I will keep those 
to myself until I have something to show for it. :^)

  Happy Sculpting!

   John J. Karcher
   devuser at

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