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Norman Feske norman.feske at
Thu Jan 6 16:00:15 CET 2022

Hello Uwe,

On 06.01.22 14:15, Uwe wrote:
> I think noux already implements all that is needed to run containers.
> Only the file format is different. So you need a program to translate
> between these. It could even be integrated into the download tool. So
> the Server sends the canonical format an the tool stores in translated
> form.

I perceive your stream of postings as disrespectful and disoriented.

Please stop pestering this mailing list with noise. The postings sent in
the name of your faceless pseudonym are no positive contribution by any
stretch. They are hardly distinguishable from gibberish generated by a
chat bot.

This mailing list is not the place to run social experiments. It is a
place for positively-spirited conversation.

You chose to largely ignore my advise about the mailing-list etiquette
in my email of September 30. If you don't stop spamming, we have to
resort to banning your email address.


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