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Hi Johannes,

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> Hi Alexander,
> Thus, when thinking about running a container on Genode, I noticed we
> have most ingredients already in stock since a Genode component is a
> sandboxed process with its resource quota and local namespace.
> Regarding the file system virtualisation, we have the VFS and can even
> host a shared VFS in a dedicated server component. I'm not sure about a
> copy-on-write feature, though.
> In my (current) point of view, enabling containerised workloads on
> Genode probably requires three ingredients:
> 1. Implementing additional VFS plugins for mounting container images,
>    overlays, and cow functionality.
> 2. Adding missing plugins for special file nodes in devfs, sysfs or
>    procfs. This highly depends on what the particular container process
>    expects, though.
> 3. Implementing a container runtime for Genode that sets up a sub-init
>    to launch the container process with the appropriate VFS and helper
>    components according to the container configuration.
I think noux already implements all that is needed to run containers.
Only the file format is different. So you need a program to translate
between these. It could even be integrated into the download tool. So
the Server sends the canonical format an the tool stores in translated
> Cheers
> Johannes

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