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Norman Feske norman.feske at
Thu Jan 6 11:12:44 CET 2022

Hi Christian,

> my main work topics of 2021 have been the enabling of multimedia
> support in the Falkon web browser, the tool chain update and as of
> latest the ongoing optimization of audio support for VirtualBox 6.

your contributions in 2021 had been nothing short of amazing. I still
remember my eyes popping out watching you debug a race condition on
Genode/ARM64 in JIT-compiled code generated by Chromium from a
JavaScript blob delivered by What a super-human level of
patience! :-)

> I'm pretty impressed by Falkon's multimedia abilities on Genode already,
> even though some optimization is still needed and something I intend
> to continue working on in 2022, especially with the planned execution
> on the PinePhone in mind. More PinePhone-related personal work topics
> could involve porting of the 'Morph' mobile web browser to Genode and
> exploring the possibilities of porting QML-based Sailfish OS or Ubuntu
> Touch applications and making it possible to build those with Goa.

There is so much in your plans to look forward to. I think the latter
point has a lot of potential from a community perspective because - if
it works out as anticipated - it would nicely bridge the gap between app
developers and the Genode-based phone. So our platform won't need to
stay insular.


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