Roadmap 2022

Christian Prochaska christian.prochaska at
Mon Jan 3 14:19:53 CET 2022


my main work topics of 2021 have been the enabling of multimedia
support in the Falkon web browser, the tool chain update and as of
latest the ongoing optimization of audio support for VirtualBox 6.

I'm pretty impressed by Falkon's multimedia abilities on Genode already,
even though some optimization is still needed and something I intend
to continue working on in 2022, especially with the planned execution
on the PinePhone in mind. More PinePhone-related personal work topics
could involve porting of the 'Morph' mobile web browser to Genode and
exploring the possibilities of porting QML-based Sailfish OS or Ubuntu
Touch applications and making it possible to build those with Goa.


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