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Norman Feske norman.feske at
Mon Jan 3 16:04:26 CET 2022

Hi Cedric,

thank you for chiming in with your perspective and plans.

> As to my pet project, in the next couple weeks I'm about to wrap up the one-before-last 'ticket' that's a pre-requisite before my software runs on Genode, so it looks like 2022 (can't believe it's 2022 already... time flies) will be the year I can resume selling my software and can scale back the "odd jobs" (freelance website programming etc), which will be nice for sure. Not to mention, it'll open the perspective of an 'alternative' desktop for Genode -- though I dare not say I'll get to that before 2023, given my velocity history <g>.

Picking up the alternative desktop topic would be really nice. It was
fun to try out an earlier version of your HoG project some months back.
I feel a bit remorseful for not having followed up with the idea of
integrating it with Sculpt. All the more I appreciated our recent
exchange of ideas around the VFS on the issue tracker. :-)

> From where I stand currently (deep in VFS-related code) it's all super modular and well made, nothing to complain about, nothing to do but finish coding :-)

Thanks for the nice feedback and all the best for 2022!


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