Component communication over ethernet using VDE switches

Joel Valenciano joelv1907 at
Fri Oct 22 04:11:39 CEST 2021

What happens if you start the emulators like you used to? It should
work fine, as long as there isn't a MAC conflict; just remember that
one computer will probably have to be a DHCP server, if you want
internet protocols to work.

Here is a run script that connects all components (including the
nic_drv) to the same subnet with DHCP:

import_from_depot [depot_user]/src/[base_src] \
  [depot_user]/pkg/[drivers_nic_pkg] \
  [depot_user]/src/vfs_lxip \
  [depot_user]/src/init \
  [depot_user]/src/vfs \
  [depot_user]/src/posix \
  [depot_user]/src/stdcxx \
  [depot_user]/src/nic_router \

install_config {
    <service name="CPU"/>
    <service name="LOG"/>
    <service name="RAM"/>
    <service name="ROM"/>
    <service name="RM"/>
    <service name="PD"/>
    <service name="IRQ"/>
    <service name="IO_PORT"/>
    <service name="IO_MEM"/>
    <service name="CPU"/>

    <any-service> <any-child/> <parent/> </any-service>

  <default caps="200"/>

  <start name="timer">
    <resource name="RAM" quantum="5M"/>
    <provides> <service name="Timer"/> </provides>

  <start name="drivers">
    <binary name="init"/>
    <resource name="RAM" quantum="30M"/>
      <service name="ROM" label_last="config"> <parent
label="drivers.config"/> </service>

  <start name="nic_router">
    <resource name="RAM" quantum="10M"/>
      <default-policy domain="local"/>

      <domain name="local" interface="" gateway="">
        <dhcp-server ip_first="" ip_last=""/>
      <service name="Uplink"/>
      <service name="Nic"/>




While not very secure, it's a simple way to test it.

On Thu, Oct 7, 2021 at 10:15 AM Kevin Burton <kevin.burton at> wrote:
> Hello,
> I am currently writing a program which boils down to a few components
> communicating over Ethernet using sockets. This works well utilizing the
> nic_router functionality, but I would like to emulate a more realistic
> scenario with the components being started from their own respective run
> scripts.
> I know for a fact that this was possible using the VDE switch
> functionality of QEMU in late 2015, but can't get it to work now the
> same way it used to, which simply consisted of starting the switch in a
> terminal and appending
> -net vde,sock=<switch location>
> to the QEMU args. No errors or warnings are thrown.
> Does anybody have recent experience with VDE switches or knows anything
> similar that could be used to achieve a more lifelike scenario? If
> possible, examples of such run scripts would be very helpful.
> Thanks in advance for your assistance.
> Kind regards,
> Kevin Burton
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