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There are lots of things to work on. For example, the current AHCI driver doesn't work on AMD hardware that I have tried it on. To be clear, I've tried to solve this, but haven't succeeded yet. I have other stuff to work on for school and personal projects, so I'm not sure when I might get around to trying to solve it again.

Is there a place to put these? There are open issues, but lots of issues have been closed simply because people stopped working on them. It seems like a good idea to have a place that lists all the tasks that would be appreciated if someone were to pick them up, with links to the corresponding GitHub issues.

I could suggest my 'ttcoder' repository hosted by the service as a place for community members to use (i.e. its integrated wiki, integrated ticketing system etc) though I'm skeptical it would bring value over the github ecosystem and Genode's github repo, even if users overcame the "barrier to entry" inherent in switching over from git to fossil SCM ; most likely, instead of being complementary it would fragment bug listings and make it more complicated to track issues in two differents places. I'm not hostile to the idea though, maybe my concerns will be proven to be wrong :-)

Initially I wouldn't have much time or energy to contribute to administration/management efforts, since I have been and remain in "crunch time" until my software is ported to Genode...


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