error when trying out cbe

Martin Stein martin.stein at
Wed Mar 17 13:44:50 CET 2021

Hi Stefan,

I'm not able to reproduce the error on my Genode 21.02. Unfortunately,
from the log output alone, I cannot deduce a lot. Only that the block-IO
back-end module of the CBE device driver (vfs_cbe) is being told that
one of its requests is now processed but the module is not in a state
were it would expect such a statement.

Did you do "make run/vfs_cbe_init BOARD=linux KERNEL=linux" and after
that "make run/vfs_cbe BOARD=linux KERNEL=linux" ?

As a general background information regarding the CBE: We're currently
working at getting the CBE into a productive use case - namely our
Sculpt systems used for our daily work. But so far, the CBE is not
tested against real-life work loads.


El 12.03.21 a las 12:50, Stefan Thöni escribió:
> Hi Genodians
> I'm currently looking into CBE and have read the articles and release
> notes about it.
> Now I'm trying it out using the vfs_cbe_init and vfs_cbe runscripts on
> genode 21.02. When running vfs_cbe i get the following error:
> [17:28:25.837] [init -> initialize_cbe -> init -> vfs_cbe] Error:
> Exception raised: explicit raise in cbe-block_io.adb:753
> [17:28:25.837] [init -> initialize_cbe -> init -> vfs_cbe] Error:
> Uncaught exception of type 'Ada::Exception::Program_Error'
> What am I missing?
> Kind regards
> Stefan

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