What I want to do.

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Fri Mar 5 14:19:48 CET 2021

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> Hi Michael,

> thank you for the insights into your plans!

> Personally, I find the combination of both systems fascinating to see,
> and I would love to tinker with such a hybrid system.

>> I want to keep the RISC OS experience as it is today, and this hybrid
>> solution is a experiment to see how it all can be solved.
>> If you don't like this project , please tell me now!

> I wonder, why do you think anyone would dislike it?

Well, it can involve  changes in Genode. But I will add it as a new board, 
and everything specific will be in board specific code.

> Have you considered presenting your work at https://genodians.org?

Yes, but the way of posting there scares me! But if someone could do it 
for me , I can write something.

       Michael Grunditz
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