General Improvements for Sculpt

Norman Feske norman.feske at
Fri Mar 5 11:03:52 CET 2021

Hi Edoardo,

> download nfeske/bin/x86_64/base-linux/2020-08-21.tar.xz.sig
> Error: failed to download
> ...
> I cannot find the file which contains the  "2020-08-21" string, any Hints?

that file is indeed missing on the web server. Sorry about that.

I have now updated the Genodians article series and the packages on the
server to Genode 21.02. Can you give the current version a try?

You can update Goa using the following command:

  $ goa update-goa

With this up-to-date version, everything should run smoothly (as I just
went thorough all tutorial steps manually). Also, the resulting packages
should be compatible with the upcoming Sculpt version 21.03 scheduled
for release later this month.


Dr.-Ing. Norman Feske
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