Launchers and clipboard issue

Dima Sokolov disoktech at
Sat Jan 30 15:55:11 CET 2021

Thank you Norman, the launchers start apps normally once I copy the respective default config.

But the pasting issue still persists. Here is my relevant /config/clipboard:
<config verbose="yes" match_labels="yes">
  <flow from="leitzentrale" to="desktop" />
  <flow from="desktop" to="leitzentrale" />
  <policy label_prefix="leitzentrale" domain="leitzentrale"/>
  <default-policy domain="desktop"/>

My clipboard config is based on the default one - I just changed the verbose setting to "yes".

The log shows these messages the first time I try to paste:
"This plugin does not support raise()"
"This plugin does not support grabbing the keyboard"

Every next time, I get this message:
"Error: invalid clipboard XML syntax"

If I set match_labels to "no", I don't get these messages and pasting works.
What would be the proper clipboard config when match_labels is set to "yes"?

Best regards,
Dima Sokolov

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