Launchers and clipboard issue

Norman Feske norman.feske at
Fri Jan 29 16:46:29 CET 2021

Hi Dima,

> It seems like overriding <config> here disables some important 
> settings and prevents the apps from running properly. How to extend 
> thedefault config or replace just a few parts instead of completely 
> overriding it?> ...
> However, adding <config> <clipboard="yes"/> </config> doesn't allow
> pasting in qt5-textedit and falkon.

I guess, (part of) the problem is the malformed XML. It should be:

  <config clipboard="yes"> ... </config>

Since this pattern occurs multiple times in your email, I wonder what
have you taken as original reference for this snippet?

Please note that equipping any of the mentioned components with an
almost empty <config> is unlikely to work. The config usually sets up
the VFS namespace for the component and configures the libc. If those
parts are left out, the component is not able to work.

For reference, a valid configuration for qt5_textedit looks like [1].


On Sculpt, you can find it at
/depot/genodelabs/raw/qt5_textedit/<version>/textedit.config once you
have installed the qt5_textedit package. That's useful for copying the
content to your launcher.


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