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On Tue, Jan 26, 2021 at 03:21:57PM +0100, GPT wrote:
> Hi,
> I hope that it is not too late to ask your community to ensure that
> apps will open in the workspace from which they are called and not in
> the current workspace.

I do not know, what you mean by "the workspace from which they are

> To be more precise, after starting my computer I choose 5 apps to get
> opened. 2 in workspace 1, 2 in workspace 2 and 1 in workspace 3.
> Before the completion of their start I choose to be in workspace 4.
> None of the 5 apps should open in workspace 4! This feature would also
> be a general option, like: "Allow apps to start in current workspace:
> false/true".
> Thanks in advance.

I assume you're using Sculpt OS?!

If so, I can confirm that components you start, either interactively
via the "Leitzentrale", or automatically at startup when loading a
persistent runtime configuration, will be placed exactly at the
workspaces you've defined beforehand. I use it day-by-day, and all my
pre-configured components start at exactly the workspaces I've left
them beforehand.  Of course, you've to use the window-layouter in
combination with a persistent "rules" configuration file, which states
the window's size, position and workspace.

To do so, you have to integrate the wm components individually, and
shouldn't use the fully integrated "themed wm" package. Instead first
instantiate a "recall fs", and then the "wm", "window-layouter" and
"themed decorator" packages afterwards. When integrating the
"window-layouter" package, you should route its configuration to the
"recall fs", which as the title suggests makes the configuration
changes persistent.

BTW.: if you have such specific requests, and/or issue descriptions
you might use our issue tracker at Github to describe the missing or
unwanted behaviour in more detail.


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