Sculpt 20.11 - Blank Screen On ThinkPad Convertible

Tomasz Gajewski tomga at
Sun Jan 10 02:35:57 CET 2021

Hi John,

I'm no Sculpt expert and probably you will receive more comprehensive
answer later but:

"John J. Karcher" <devuser at> writes:

> I've built (Nova) Sculpt ISO and IMG images several times, both from
> the "20.11" label and current master, and tested in VirtualBox and on
> AMD hardware, with the same results.
> 1. The "VERSION" file reports "20.09".

This number seems to come from repos/gems/run/ There was no
published Sculpt release with that revision and according to news
section on the last one was 20.08.

> 2. Trying to fetch some of the depots, including "genodelabs", looks
> for version "20.09", and results in "unavailable" errors.

genodelabs depot index files are at and there's no index file for
version 20.09.

> Does anyone have any thoughts on this?

You can try to change version number in and maybe you will
have luck that it will work but I would assume that Christian Helmut did
not made this change by accident and there are some incompatibilities

I think that if you really want latest version you may have to compile
software by yourself.

I hope this will help you.

Tomasz Gajewski

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