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Hello everyone,

As a first point, I want to apologise for the retard of my email, cause
school in those days I wasn't able to work full time to your project,
as soon as I can, I'll try to remedy that by showing off some of my other

1) Thanks for your reply Martin, is this the page you intended?, if yes, don't worry, I've already
started the translation, I'll send the transcript to you for the
publication on Wikipedia.

2) Norman, as already mentioned I wasn't able to build my microsed
interpreter using Genode's libc,  as reference I'll attach a naive version
of microsed, with few modifications from the original minised project, I am
still trying to insert the exceptional "exec" keyword, which handles
Genode's based System calls, Could I know if the Genode's libc version
support the homonymun function exec?
I haven't still tried it yet!
Could I also have general feedback on this? persists still some bugs (as
the -e flag which causes an instant core dump) but I am working for fixing
those issues, The real power up is in the size and speed optimization.

SHA512 of microsed:

3) Regarding to the last part of my first post, I want to explain again the
idea of a new depot system, based on PANs which works as follow:
  - 1] in this initial situation, consider 2 devices: A and B, in one of
those there is installed the Genode os (Sculpt in our case, this is the
device A) while the device B has installed a "server" application, so B can
have linux/Windows/Macos ecc.. but with an official Genode server app.
  - 2] Now let's figure out that B want to offer to A a customized package,
the user of the device A can set up an automatic
       live Depot search which involves the use of bluetooth (or any
general near field communication structure) for scanning the nearest
        depot servers (device B), now, if the device A choose the
respective device B, it starts a key exchange communication where,
        at the end, if the device B is authenticated, the device A can see
and install the device's B packages through the normal Depot   system.
  This idea could be great for portable and embedded devices but, as
obvious, new vulnerability issues will be born.

─░'ve read some articles on your site, could I know if you already use a
fuzzing system for verifying the presence of bugs in Sculpt os ?
This can be an interesting topic for future articles, as soon I can I'll
experiment something similar.

Let me know your ideas!

Edoardo Mantovani, 2020

Il giorno mar 2 feb 2021 alle ore 09:02 Martin Stein <
martin.stein at> ha scritto:

> Hi Eduardo,
> Thanks for the detailed and helpful feedback, and especially for your
> disposition to contribute to the project! There was already a lot of
> feedback to your mail, but please let me add another idea regarding
> language compatibility.
> El 22.01.21 a las 12:26, Edoardo Mantovani escribi├│:
> > =======================
> > Language Compatibility
> > =======================
> >
> > *) there is no support for Italian keyboard, I was able to find only
> > german, french and english         .chargen files, for a next update
> > would be great to add other charger files.
> >
> > *) I can give my full support for translating document pages in
> > Italian, this could (apparently)
> >  be great for increasing the possible audience, but Honestly I doubt
> > that an Italian community could be created
> > (we are quite far in the security-technological field, No comment on
> > that, please).
> Some years ago, we started pushing the documentation of the Genode and
> Sculpt in the Wikipedia. Today the Genode/Sculpt article already exists
> in 6 very different languages and we're happy not only about the sheer
> number but even more about the fact that most of these articles were
> written by community members from around the world.
> However, so far, there is no Italian version of the article. If fixing
> this would be of interest for you, I'd be more than happy to help you
> wherever I can. A good reference would be the English version as it is
> the most elaborated one. What do you think?
> Best regards,
> Martin
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